• Alyson Leinbach YT - 500- YT, 200 ERYT - 200 CRYT and Yoga Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer - Owner of Serenity Yoga Studio and founder of Youth Yoga

    Alyson has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2002, while attending a yoga workshop lead by Rodney Yee. Alyson went on to become a 200- hour certified teacher 2009. Since then she been trained and completed a 500- Hour Teacher Training with Rolf Gates, Alyson has also trained  in the disciplines of Vinyasa Flow (Seane Corn), Iyengar (Rodney Yee), Core Strength Vinyasa (Sadie Nardini),  Alyson combines elements of these styles into a dynamic and inspiring alignment-based flow.

    Alyson teaches a creative and energetic Vinyasa Flow. Emphasizing clarity of alignment, a steady connection to the breath, and a mindful investigation of what qualities we are truly cultivating in our practice.

    At first when I began practicing yoga it was for exercise. I have never heard of mindfulness, connection, Om or Namaste for that matter. I was working in the corporate world as a Human Resource Director and was stressed out. Something had to change. After taking my first class my body felt alive, I didn't understand it I just wanted more. I truly believe that when we are ready “yoga calls us”. We begin to ask the questions “What is life, why am I hear, is this IT!” If we listen to those inner burning questions we stumble onto yoga. First for the exercise but then it becomes so much more…. My experiences, the ups and downs are shared in each and every class I teach. I enjoy inspiring people to be the “true self”. Yoga meets you in the body you show up in. So come as you are and if you are still not sure of 'who you are' yoga will help you figure it out. One breath at a time.

  • Heather Patricco200 ERYT - Vinyasa Flow Barre Instructor

    My practice began shortly after the birth of my son in 2003. I was looking for a
    way to become more active but without the impact and aggravation of the gym. I ventured into a basic hatha yoga class and loved it. I stayed with that practice
    for a little while before venturing into Bikram yoga. That was an addiction, I must say. I fell in love and stayed in love with Bikram until my family and I moved to Delaware in 2007. With no Bikram studio in sight, I somehow found Empowered Yoga in Newark and felt at home. There I stayed, completing my yoga teacher training with Johnny Gillespie, until 2010. I now teach
    primarily a level two vinyasa flow every Sunday, and I love it and my students. I have also recently become a student of barre, and am continuing to learn and grow in that area, as both a student and a teacher. I have also trained with Jennifer
    Cohen, founder of Little Flower Yoga in NYC, in children's yoga, as well as in pre-natal yoga, completing my training with YogaFit, in Reading, PA.

  • Amanda Pierce 200- RYT- Vinyasa Flow Instructor

    Amanda Pierce has been practicing yoga for 9 years. She found yoga in college beginning with a home practice and continued to practice through her pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter, finding the many benefits for her overall health and wellness that it had to offer. In 2012 she found a studio practice and was introduced to Hot Vinyasa and the link of breath and movement and was compelled to teach and share yoga with others. In 2014 she received her 200 hr. certification through One-Yoga.  Amanda has a passion to help others enhance their overall health and teaches a loving and fun Vinyasa flow.  Her classes focus on breath and physical alignment and offering variations and modifications to help students improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and find emotional, mental, and spiritual clarity.
    I came to yoga for the physical practice and through this practice discovered my own individual strength and learned to release and let go. I truly feel that yoga is for everyone and that it will give you the key to unlock whatever hidden potential you might be searching for and in the process you may find so much more.

    Yoga is a gift that I love to share, so others too can find their inner light and let it shine.

  • Jennifer 200- RYT (Yin and Vinyasa Flow Instructor)

    Jenn came to yoga when she was expecting her first of 3 daughters. After an on/off relationship with yoga dvd's, and a deep love of meditation in her home practice, Jenn came to Serenity Yoga and fell in  love with vinyasa yoga and meditation.

    'Through developing a dedicated practice, I realized the anxiety I had struggled with for years was melting away. The demands of being a LE family can be challenging, and coming to my mat brought me peace. My goal is to empower those new to yoga and inspire students through the insights of yogic philosophy.'

    Expect to leave class inspired and ready to step off of your mat and into
    you life with an open heart.

    Every time we come to our mat, we have the chance to begin again. Just
    show up :)

  • Rosanna Gee - Barre Instructor

    I have recently completed the certification and training for Barre and was excitedto add a new dimension to my life long journey as a student of fitness. Working full time and raising a family of three daughters made it challenging to alwaysfit it a workout, but I never stopped trying. I exercise to quiet my mind, tosearch for new ideas and to have great discussions with myself. Whether it is a bike ride, a good run on a sunny day or an awesome hot Serenity yoga class, Ialways feel like I had dessert after I complete the moment. I had done a lot of reading about Barre in various magazines and was very curious to try it and learn was this was all about. I was so excited when Alyson shared her thoughts about expanding into this dimension of fitness. I believe that things happen during your life when they are supposed to - karma. Therefore I did not hesitate to sign up and get on my way to becoming an instructor for 'the Barre'. I love thinking of inventive ways to challenge our muscle groups and see everyone working so hard to achieve personal success. Making new friends, sharing.

  • Debby Nolan

    As a former dancer, Debby Nolan has always believed in the power of physical fitness and health. She discovered barre classes at Serenity Yoga Studio in 2015 and became certified to teach. Yoga was something she dabbled in for years but she became truly drawn to it in 2016 for both the physical and mindful benefits. She received her 200-hour teacher certification in 2017. An eternal student, she loves practicing and incorporating all aspects of yoga into her life. She is also the owner of Yoga Strong, a company that teaches athletes at all levels how to incorporate yoga into their lives, making them stronger both mentally and physically.

  • Mary Kate Hall

    I have been practicing yoga for about twenty years, in what started as a way to increase my running stamina and power. An avid runner with a love of experiencing as much in life as possible, yoga keeps me grounded and strong. When I came to yoga, it was a great workout for strengthening and lengthening my muscles. Now, it's “my yoga”, no longer just about the workout, but about the peace of heart and mind that a yoga practice brings.

    Yoga is not about doing a pose 'perfectly', yet about safely finding the perfect pose in your own body. Whether you can't yet touch your toes or you can hold a challenging pose, like handstand, there is always more to learn. Yoga is the relationship and union that is built between the mind, body and the breath. It is the adventure of this union that I try to bring to my classes, along with a dose of playfulness and inspiration. I will challenge you and help you meet the challenge—your way—and you may even surprise yourself along the way! It is in this way that I look to assist others in their yoga journey, finding balance and grace, and just a smidge of fun, both on and off the mat.

  • Monica Washburn

    After being diagnosed with Lupus, Monica felt the need to find something that would help her to escape and bring some calmness to her life. She was looking to heal her body, mind, and spirit. A friend introduced Monica to yoga, and at the end of her first practice, Monica knew that this was the something she was searching for. She never looked back! Each day she steps onto her mat, she feels grateful to have a place to go when she wants to escape for awhile and to bring some calmness to her life. This is the feeling that Monica strives to cultivate in her students. She brings a lightness and humor into her classes. With a drive and desire to help others, Monica emphasizes the need to understand the importance of breath and movement and reminds students to find the balance between effort and ease. When you come to her class, she will encourage you to 'come as you are', be present in the now, and to enjoy your escape on your mat.

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