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300- Hour Teacher Training

Kudos to you for taking the time to enhance your teaching skills. As a fellow yoga teacher, I have had my share of ups and downs. I know what works and what dose not. My goal is to go deep and personal, sharing with you the tools  that can transform you and your students life. This won't be any ordinary 300-hour training.


My goal is to empower you. To create a compassionate, collaborative, environment for your creativity to SHINE!


Wheather your goal is to:

  • Achieve your 300/500 certificate as quickly as possible.

  • Understanding different teaching modalities

  • Personal

  • Clarify your vision and  convert that vision to reality

  • Rev up your yoga and wellness business

Or maybe all the above!

I am excited to be on this journey with you.

This will be a hybrid program. Students will have access to our online portal where we will host video assignments and homework, along with meeting in person and one night per month zoom live meetingS.

Thursday we will meet via zoom from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Saturday schedule will be from 9:30am - 5:30pm

Sunday we will meet from 9:30am-1:30 pm - When you see a * that indicates it will be online for you to access anytime during that month.


The dates are as followed:


January: 21st,23rd,24th * 24th online to access everything)

February, 18th & 20th  *21st online to access anytime during that month

March: 18th,20th,21st

April: 15th,17th,18th

May: 20th, 22nd,  * 23rd to access anytime during that month

June: 17th, 19th, 20th

July:  *All online at your own pace (this will be the anatomy portion)

August: 12th,14th,15th

September: 16th,  * 18th to access anytime during that month

October: 14th,16th,  * 17th  to access anytime during that month

November: Final weekend together 13th, 14th

Program Syllabus

Adaptative Yoga & Wellness, Trauma Informed:


  • Chair Yoga

  • Mental Health PTSD - Trauma Informed (how to set up your classroom, noises, what to say not to say), balancing emotions.

  • Athlete Recovery (Prevention & Recovery for pre-existing conditions)

  • Step by step method for working with yoga injuries

  • Trauma in the body

  • Types of Yoga Nidra for Trauma Informed population

  • Yoga and Mental Health

  • Stress response and the healing cycle


Bhagavad Gita, Karma Yoga, Sutras and the Myths of Yoga: (Done Online)


  • Learn time tested techniques of upgrading quality of life through Karma Yoga

  • Discover revolutionary ways to get job satisfaction and improve relationships

  • See life through a clear lens of the Gita's wisdom

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the essence of Gita's teaching

  • Classical Sutras 1 & 2

  • Chanting and meaning behind the chant

  • The power and purpose of mythology in our everyday life

  • What are the myths of yoga  and the stories

  • Learning how to weave each myth into a yoga class



SUBTLE BODIES (1/2 online and 1/2 In classroom)

  • Kosha Bodies Overview

  • The spine and theChakra System

  •  Ayurveda Daily Routine

  • Ayurveda Food Combining

  • Food as Prana

  • Making Kitcheri (home live video)

  • Ayurveda and The Disease Process

  • Dhauts and Disease

  • Energetic Sheaths

  • Energetic Healing Practice

  • Tridoshic System and its effects.

  • How to apply the Tridoshic System to food, seasons, and the human body.

  • How to assess clients to determine prakriti and vikriti.

  • How to use Ayurvedic practices to support balance in students and self.

Restorative Yoga 

  • Comprehensive Restorative pose breakdowns

  • How to work with different body sizes, shapes, abilities

  • How to sequence a class for energizing and quieting

  • Two complete restorative yoga sequences

  • Two Buddhist meditation practices

  • Prop hacks for when you don’t have traditional props on hand

  • Principles and alignments of restorative yoga

  • How/when to introduce a restorative pose into an active class

  • Common teaching obstacles and how to overcome them

Prenatal Yoga 

  • Understanding the female body

  • Benefits of Yoga and Prenatal

  • Practices for each trimester

  • Other considerations and wall modifications

  • Guiding the mother and her emotions

  • Restorative for Pregnancy

Advance Sequencing and Starting your online Business

  • Intelligent Anatomical Sequencing

  • Pose family explained

  • Elments of a Flow

  • The Mind and Asana




Anatomy: 15-hours (Done online)



For this year only 2021 Graduates  - Bonus

Worth $1,300

  • Developing an online practice

  • Crafting a yoga website (the in's and outs)

  • Video equipment, hosting platform, and what is needed to rev up your yoga business

  • Done for you classes & workshops (all you need is you)!


Payment plans are available: $3,800 - $875 deposit $208/per month for 14-months


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