Our Mission

At Serenity Yoga Studio our goal is the cultivate an inclusive, accesible and supportive yoga community. 
We believe that as you learn to make your practice your own, you will undergo a transformation of the mind 
& body, allowing you to accept and care for yourself. EveryBODY welcome.


Our Instructors

Our skillful instructors help you go deeper into your practice while respecting your individual needs. We encourage all yogis to move towards a mindful practice that balances the physicality of asanas with breath work and meditation. Whether you are new to yoga or have made it a part of your lifestyle for many years, we invite you to enter the studio with a beginner’s mind and be open to the possibilities of your practice.

At Serenity Yoga, we practice the intention of yoga by treating everyone with respect and love. We are passionate about helping students deepen their mind/body connection, heal from past physical injuries and emotional trauma, and empower personal growth.



RYT-200, Yin & Vinyasa Flow

"I love leading others in their practice for many reasons, but mainly because it's such a wonderful opportunity to connect with people that I wouldn't ordinarily have. When we practice together, it's my privilege to uplift and remind people how amazing they really are and how deserving they are of love and compassion for themselves. I hope our practice together is always filled with gratitude for our community, our bodies and our breath, and that it's a celebration of what your body can do!" - Mika



200-RYT, Vinyasa Flow

"As a yoga practitioner the most difficult thing to overcome was the fear of feeling out of place in a class. I didn’t understand the language of yoga, and didn’t have many examples of people like myself (physically) to teach me the variations to accommodate my body and skill level.

As a teacher, I strive to create an all inclusive environment, all levels, skill sets and mindsets that are willing to bring awareness to their practice and apply what we learn to our practical life.

Come flow with me as we learn the basics, breathe work, meditation and flow to build a strong foundation for our mindfulness practice." - Roz



ERYT-200, Barefoot Training Specialist I , Vinyasa Flow

Strongly committed to bringing her genuine self into the room, Rachel Kirk aims to create a focused environment where students can cultivate and grow their practice. With direct and thoughtful cues, Rachel helps you explore your body's connection to the asanas. Invested in each student, she emphasizes nurturing individual practice and makes it a priority to learn everyone’s name. Her knowledge of anatomy aids in her ability to offer personal assists and modifications. Discipline and awareness are encouraged so you can notice yourself and your patterns.

Rachel grew up as a competitive dancer and went on to teach for 12 years in the dance field. Needing more strength to complement flexibility, she trained in Tae Kwon Do and Yoga. Completing her YTT in 2014 she began teaching right away and is consistently inspired by people on the mat. Rachel will never turn down a discussion about yoga or movement. and hopes to be a driving force for learning and growth in the studio. Rachel loves all forms of explorative and natural movement and is certified in EBFA's Barefoot Training Specialist program, bringing that extensive training into the "why" behind her flow sequences. 




Over the past 21 years, John has been practicing various styles of yoga including traditional and modern. John discovered yoga while studying contemporary vocal techniques as a way to stabilize, balance and boost vocal performance.  He has completed two certifications of 200 hr YTT (Empowered yoga & Jaguar Path Yoga).  John has also studied music extensively throughout the world, including attendance at Berklee College of Music.  He is a certified practitioner of sound therapy techniques, shamanism and voice science.  Curious and always learning. Teaching and continuously a student.



200-RYT, Vinyasa Flow

Amanda has been practicing yoga for 9 years. She found yoga in college beginning with a home practice and continued to practice through her pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter, finding the many benefits for her overall health and wellness that it had to offer. In 2012 she found a studio practice and was introduced to Hot Vinyasa and the link of breath and movement and was compelled to teach and share yoga with others. In 2014 she received her 200 hr. certification through One-Yoga. Her classes focus on breath and physical alignment and offering variations and modifications to help students improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and find emotional, mental, and spiritual clarity.


"I came to yoga for the physical practice and through this practice discovered my own individual strength and learned to release and let go. I truly feel that yoga is for everyone and that it will give you the key to unlock whatever hidden potential you might be searching for and in the process you may find so much more. Yoga is a gift that I love to share, so others too can find their inner light and let it shine." - Amanda




After many years of experiencing the adverse effects of a chronic autoimmune disease, Monica went on a quest to find something that would help to heal her body and mind.  She needed something that would bring some calmness to her life and help her to escape.  A friend invited Monica to a yoga class, and at the end of her first practice, she knew that she found what she had been searching for.  She never looked back!


After over a decade of practicing, Monica felt the desire to share this beautiful gift of yoga with others, so she enrolled in the Yoga Alliance's registered yoga teacher training program and earned her 200 hour certificate.  Monica is always learning and expanding her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice by continuing her education through workshops, master classes, and certifications.  She is always eager to share her knowledge with her students.  


Each day Monica steps onto her mat, she feels grateful to have a place to go when she wants to escape and to bring some calmness to her life.  This is the feeling she strives to cultivate in her students.  She adapts her classes to meet the needs of every student, and brings a lightness and humor into her classes.  With a drive and desire to help others, Monica emphasizes the need to understand the importance of breath and movement, and reminds students to find the balance between effort and ease.  


When you practice with Monica, she will encourage you to come as you are, be present, and to enjoy your escape on your mat!



RYT-200, CPT, Vinyasa Flow & Yin

Danielle's love of dance and movement was ignited as a child, leading her to share her lifetime of experience with others. Now, in her second decade of practicing yoga, Danielle has experience in organizing and leading yoga classes throughout the tri-state area, including workshops, retreats, and private lessons. As a teacher, Danielle will exhilarate your spirit, open your heart, and allow you to unleash your joy!

Danielle has completed the 200 hour yoga certification program and is Yoga Alliance certified. With her knowledge of the techniques, language, alignment, and philosophies of yoga, her classes foster the creative sequencing. Her intention is to promote balance, transformation, and the natural connection between mind, body, and soul while encouraging you to develop the individual, creative exploration of your practice.

"I cultivate approaches that empower you to gain a deeper understanding of self, to integrate breathing and movement, help ease stress and anxiety and to grow in strength and flexibility. In addition, I have been and continue to be a ballet, modern and contemporary dance instructor for over 20 years, a level 1 mediation teacher and a certified personal trainer. I am so very passionate about the benefits of integrating movement and breath on and off the mat. cultivate approaches that empower you to gain a deeper understanding of self, to integrate breathing and movement, help ease stress and anxiety and to grow in strength and flexibility." - Danielle




Debi came to yoga for the physical benefits but soon realized it provided her much more.  As she became comfortable on her mat, she found it a place to find contentment, peace and self-awareness.  A teacher at heart, she began leading barre classes at Serenity Yoga Studio in Middletown, Delaware in 2018. After 30 years as a school counselor working with children and their families, she decided to share her yoga journey by getting her teaching certification from Serenity in 2019. 


In Debi’s class you can expect a Vinyasa flow style that will meet you where you are in your body and mind. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced yogi, she will make you feel comfortable to do what works for you by offering modifications and variations.  She creates a safe space to explore and have fun. Through breath work and poses, she will challenge you while honoring what you need from your practice on any given day. 




Otis began his yoga practice in 2016, and immediately experienced the benefits of this practice to become a 200 hour YRT certified yoga teacher, Balanced Athlete instructor and NASM personal trainer.

He brings 20 plus years of experience as a teacher to all walks of life: Graduated from Albright College in 1996 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and later achieved a Masters’ Degree in Secondary Education at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in 1997.

A dedicated love for teaching, learning and fitness, combined with his grounding personality, Otis has transformed himself into a mindful movement, meditation & strength trainer committed to helping others.



200-RYT , Vinyasa Flow & Yin

Movement can be a form of mediation. Kati loves running and spin classes to burn off stress, but comes to her mat to quiet the chaos found in every day life. Kati dabbled in yoga over the years, finding it an excellent complement to her exercise routine, but seriously came to her practice in 2016.  After a brief hiatus due to a high risk pregnancy, Kati found Serenity Yoga which is where she completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training in 2020.  


While she loves a hot vinyasa class, Kati also appreciates the sweetness of slowing down the flow and settling into the moment with a yin practice.  Her classes aim to weave the mind, body, and breath together to find that often elusive bit of tranquility in the daily grind. Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga; it is a side effect.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Kati invites you to join her on the mat where we will tune into our breath, feel the burn, surrender into savasana and leave all the heaviness behind. 



ACE Certified & Master's of Physical Thereapy, Fun Fustion Flow

Maura has been teaching a wide variety of fitness classes for many years and has a passion to help others reach their fitness goals, no matter where they are at in their journey. She is ACE certified and is also a personal trainer with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. She loves to have fun while working out and enjoys challenging others to reach that next level. She loves to smile and is very warm and welcoming. Maura enjoys helping others make sure they have good form and execute movements safely and effectively. Maura went through brain surgery for a rare, benign brain tumor three years ago and is so thankful to be healed and be where she’s at today.  She doesn’t take her life and each day she’s given for granted. She encourages others to take care of themselves and stay active because you never know what tomorrow will bring. She’s excited to join the Serenity team.



200-RYT , Yin, Vinyasa Flow & Gentle 

Billie received her first Yoga class as a Valentine’s Day gift, but the gift Yoga gave back she enjoys sharing with all. As a life long hair stylist, she was looking for a new direction- while still connecting with others and Yoga gave her that opportunity. After getting her friends, family and husband to attend classes too, Billie realized her calling to teach yoga.


"In my class you will find a safe place to let go, a smiling face, a non-judgmental teaching style and a warm environment. Yoga is freedom and acceptance. My goal is to help others find this space so that they can move their bodies through life with compassion and joy. Welcome to your mat, Welcome home." - Billie