Body, Mind, Soul was created to give the individual a complete package of optimum health. From


  • cooking and eating clean

  • detoxification what it is and what it is not

  • being in balance through meditation

  • goal setting

  • better sleep skills

  • workouts to keep you motivated

  • private tribe and so much more..

We are rolling this Elite Membership January 2021! 

So what exactly is MBS (Mind, Body, Soul)? 

Think of MBS like having your very own 1:1 Coach that will guide you through living your life the way you were meant to live it (BALANCED). Each member will have access to the following:

  • Recipes for staying healthy for that month

  • Detox workshop/class/ and recipes

  • Yoga, Meditation, Barre, Yin and HIIT Classes

  • Themed workshop that will be one-quarter long so that the student can see progress

  • Special guest sharing what they now and how you can thrive  

  • podcast membership 

This will be a quarterly membership. Stay tuned for more on our MBS Elite Membership