5- Simple Tools To Clear Negative Energy

Updated: Jun 26

Have you ever walked around feeling heavy and couldn't figure out why? Or maybe you left a conversation and felt something in your stomach and the rest of the day you just felt crummy or sad. It could be that someone stole your energy. I call them energy suckers! That's right if we are not careful they can steal the fairy dust right out from under your nose leaving you feeling confused, exhausted, mad at the world, and even heavy. As a reiki healer, and teacher I always protect myself with a bubble of light. After a class or an encounter with someone I take my hand around my stomach and say "that's not mine to have". Sure it may sound silly but creating a ritual to release negative emotions has been around for centuries.

Here are my top five simple tools to clear negative energy.

1. Before you begin your day take a moment to sit down in meditation and visualize a white light starting from the crown of your head, traveling down to your toes, into the center of the earth hooking onto something good. Begin to travel that light back up through your toes and out around your body 360 degree's. Inwardly state " nothing will permeate or attach itself to me unless I permit it. Protect me from all negative thoughts, emotions, and people who do not serve me"

2. De-Cording (Shamic Exercise) Repeat this three times - It is technically both a cleansing act (as it removes something unwanted) as well as a method of containment. A cord is an energetic connection between two people, a person and a place, a person and a thing, a person and a group, or a person and an idea. The cord is not only a connection but a conduit that allows energy to pass back and forth between the two ends of the cord. The energetic give and take is not always equal. Someone can attach a cord to you that siphons your energy or infuses energy to your energy body.

There are a few ways that we develop cords. First, when we have a relationship with someone, something, some place, a habit, an emotional wound, or an idea, we develop a cord with it. A second way that cords develop is when someone attaches one to you, even if you aren’t in a relationship. As an author and teacher, this happens to me frequently. The people sending the cords aren’t necessarily doing it with malicious intent. Admiration, gratitude, and respect can form cords as well as jealousy, annoyance, and disgust. Whether well-intended or not, we operate best when we are conscious and in charge of our own energy, so even these kindly-meant attentions can have unwanted effects. A third way cords are formed between you and something else is when you are reaching out energetically and attaching to someone or something else, usually unintentionally, although sometimes we do it on purpose. A version of this is when a relationship ends and one person isn’t willing to let go. They keep trying to re-establish a cord with their ex. Removing cords has been such a useful practice in my life, and I hope it helps you, too.

This technique is best done while standing. You are going to remove the cords and let them dissipate, with the energy within them being absorbed back into the earth to be redistributed as needed. When I do this, I usually feel and hear a soft sucking noise, as if a suction cup is being removed. You will do three rounds. The first round of cords includes the ones that represent mutual relationship. The second round focuses on cords others have sent to you. The final round is for ones that you’ve sent out. Here are the basic steps, which you will repeat three times:

1.Stand in Mountain Pose and close your eyes

2. Imagine your energy body, in your mind’s eye seeing it and all the cords that are attached to it.

3. Starting from the top of your head and moving toward your feet, mentally pluck the cords and drop them.

After your third round, finish either by imagining the points of connection healing over or with the bubble of light practice.

3. Smudging is an ancient practice or ritual where you burn dried sage or other dried herbs to cleanse a person or area. With sage, sandalwood, mugwort, or other dried herbs in hand, simply light a small corner of the herb and blow it out. It is best to have it in a holder of some kind so that the ash stays intact. I like to use a large clam shell, but a plate will do just fine. If you or someone else is in need of clearing, then let the smoke circulate your body from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet.

4. Wearing a crystal or keeping crystals around your space helps to combat negative energy. I love wearing a smoky quartz crystal either as a bracelet or around my neck. Pick your crystals that feel personal to you. One's that just call to you. Remember to charge them come full moon.

5. Essential oils have been used since ancient times to help release negative energy and promote positivity. They have the power to transform a current mood and bring you to a different, positive state of mind. There are hundreds to choose from, so let your spirit guide you as to which ones are best for you.

Remember you don't have to do all of these to clear your energy. My go to is always essential oils and smudging. I also like to give myself my own Reiki healing. If you would like to have a clearing session email:

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