Firefly (Tittibhasana)

As a child I use to love chasing fireflies. They would light up the yard and I could spend hours running around after them. I always knew that was when summer officially started. Like the light from the firefly, we too have that inner light to shine bright even in a darkest days.

Yoga scripture has many names for this inner radiance: divine spark, the light of consciousness, light of the heart, and tejas, fire or spiritual luminosity. And unlike the firefly, whose light appears programmed to blink on and off, we possess an inner glow that never waxes or wanes. It shines brightly—its symbol is the sun—even when clouds or inclement weather obscure its true nature. Indeed, this tejas continues to burn with intensity, whether we’re aware of it or not.

While our spiritual light may never dim, our ability to see and experience it does, causing its presence to seem more like the fickle firefly than the steady light of the sun. Self-doubt, fear, negativity, and even stress limit our connection to our inner light, often allowing it to surface only intermittently, if at all. Most of us need time, perseverance, and discipline—especially in the middle of a busy life with all its inherent ups and downs, distractions, and obligations—to lift the fog and keep the light visible. But grit and determination alone won’t get us very far on the path; Patanjali’sYoga Sutra (1.20) suggests we also need confidence(shraddha), joyful effort(virya), and mindfulness or gentle persistence(smriti)to succeed.

Don't get discourage if you can't preform this asana. Not many can, but it is a beautiful metaphor for how we show up on and off our mat.

Here a few poses to help you prep for this pose:


Sit on the floor and separate your feet as wide as you can. Squeeze your leg muscles strongly so that you see your kneecaps lift up. Press your heels into the floor and, without moving your feet, isometrically draw your legs toward one another until you feel your inner thigh muscles engage and your chest lift. This “drawing in” action tones your adductor muscles and is essential for tittibhasana. Press your tailbone down and make sure your kneecaps face the ceiling. If you’re flexible, your knees will tend to roll inward. To counteract this tendency, lift your low belly and firm your adductors. Hold for 2-3 minutes. I also like the variation "legs up the wall.

Leg's Up the Wall

Make sure your close the wall, buttocks up against the baseboard. Begin to allow your legs to open up, breathe slowly as they begin to move down the wall. You may place two blocks under each thigh so that you are stabilizing the legs. Hold for 2-3 minutes.

Lizzard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)

Step your right foot to the outside of the right pinky finger. Drop your left knee down and begin to extend it to the back of the room. Place your forearms down to the inside of the right foot. Modify by placing a bolster or block under your left thigh. Hold here for 2-3 minutes

Enjoy xxxooo