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From my journal..

I have sat for a few days with my pen in hand and my journal, waiting for the right thing to say regarding this horrible time we are all witnessing and all I kept coming up with was WTF. Those of you who know me, know I won't just put something up to following along with the masses, that I believe in substance over a photo. But each day that passes I look at my journal I am a loss for words. I can't begin to know what our African community is feeling, I will never experience it in my lifetime. But what I can do is be a place that I have always been. SAFE & UNITED, every person that comes through my studio are my people, my family! We sure aren't the same but we are equal in MY eyes. We share the same uphill battles, the same fears (just packaged differently) and the same tears.

While I realize most are not like me, I can only say I will stand with you, support you, hold your hand and walk the line with you, hug you, cry with you, maybe even challenge you to dig deeper (because you are NOT meant for failure, only greatness) just like I have done with every single person who has walked through my doors regardless of skin.

"One Love, Your God, ONE family" Every shade, every heart come together and unite. "Kane Brown" Beautiful worldwide 🙏💕 Love you all

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