It's Leo Season

As a Leo women I have never felt that I resonated with Leo. I guess in some way I felt the opposite of what they always said about Leo's. Sure I love the to teach and inspire, so you might say that is entertaining but all of the other stuff I just felt was not me. Until I started learning about all the signs, planets, sun, and moon. You see we all have some parts of the zodiac in us all the time, and depending on where and when you were born plays a huge part in your zodiac. What I have come to find is that most Leo women are shy and steer away from the power. Maybe that is past beliefs "seen not heard" but it's time to take back our lion status and if we can understand ourselves better we can shine light on the areas we felt should be kept dark.

Leo is ruled by fire and the Sun. She teaches us that without things to spark joy in our hearts, we wilt away like plants in a dark room. This Season inspires us to feel into our hearts and understand that they are the center of our being. Our heart is our core. The heart confidently leads to the answers of this Season’s questions. Questions like, what expands you? What causes you to smile? What makes you love life? And the greatest question of all- who are you? The energy of Leo is associated with play and children. This Season is a time to feel our inner child and bring them to the forefront of our conscious mind. Leo Season helps us understand that joy and play are important pieces of our growth. They are part of any transformational process, for they remind us of what makes us happy. Experiencing true joy in our life takes exploration and the willingness to feel it. We need to understand that all beings are worthy of joy, including ourselves. Over Leo Season, continually say to yourself, “I am open to feeling joy” and see what it brings.

The first lesson of Leo to work with this Season is understanding yourself- your whole self. Leo encourages us to courageously look at ourselves from every angle. This includes the things we don’t like to admit to others, thoughts of regret, and the parts of our personality that bring us shame. Leo Season is a time to see it all and love it all. It’s also a time to feel our wounds. While bringing our inner child to light, we may find a wounded child who needs love, attention, and understanding.

When we know and understand ourselves on every level, we can accept ourselves. This acceptance helps us become the person we’ve always wanted to be. We often hold ourselves back from fully showing up as ourselves, for fear of rejection or criticism. We delude ourselves into thinking if others don’t like us, then we are not worthy of love, even from ourselves. When we completely accept ourselves, we realize the only approval we need is our own. We stop clamoring for attention or recognition. We take the place of a true queen who radiates confidence from self-love, commanding a room through presence alone and never needing drama to make herself seen.

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Keep with you a journal for reflection afterwards. Enjoy

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