New Moon In Virgo

17 September 2020

7:00 AM EST

New Moon on September 17th brings harmony to a time of change and perceived chaos. Granting much needed structure and organization, this Virgo New Moon brings a wave of consistency and predictability in a year where much has been clouded in the unknown.

The New Moon is always an introspective time with a comforting nudge to look within, but this Full Moon also calls us to design more harmony in our lives. Whether it's creating better boundaries, more separation between work and home (since many of us are working from home these days!) or more nourishing habits and daily rituals, the Virgo New Moon is here to support you.

Virgo is the earthy sign of the Goddess. Divinely feminine, this energy brings us discernment, intuition, and power. Virgo teaches us that we all have something to give. We each hold a unique gift just waiting to be found and perfected. Virgo also teaches us that perfection is an illusion. The journey towards perfection, though, motivates us to grow, evolve, and discover our innate power. We will never be perfect, and that’s ok. The key is to accept ourselves as we are and give our offerings freely to the world. Virgo touches on the part of us that knows we have great potential. We are born with the knowledge that we have something unique to offer humanity. We may not know what it looks like, and we may not even understand it, but we can feel when we aren’t living up to it. We’ve all experienced the nagging sensation that appears in our heart when we aren’t aligned with our greatness. We have two choices when this occurs. We can either continue our life as it is, never exploring the full possibility of ourselves, or do the hard work to find our potential. When we choose to do the work, we begin a journey of self-discovery, which leads to understanding our worthiness. Knowing our worth is essential for us to build a life of happiness and purpose. When we understand our worth and are willing to stand up for it, we can identify what makes us unique. We also can share our gifts with others without fear of rejection. We accept ourselves entirely, and the world around us follows. Throughout Virgo Season, feel into your worth. Begin to understand where it comes from and what helps you define it. Ideally, we want our worth to come from ourselves. Meaning, no matter what the world may try to tell you, there is a core belief in yourself that cannot be altered.

Our self-worth encourages us to do the work needed to break through self-limiting stories and habitual internal blocks. When we acknowledge our potential and believe in ourselves, walking the often long path to self-fulfillment becomes more palatable. We also understand the important role we play in the collective, which holds each of us. Developing our self-worth and understanding our importance helps us feel good enough to show our true power to the world without fear. We often hold back our truth for fear that it will be rejected. Virgo Season is the time to find what causes you to feel unworthy and rewrite those stories. Instead of allowing yourself or other people to say you are not good enough, it’s a time to embrace your inherent perfection.

Virgo continues to remind us, though, that we may never reach our full potential. We may never reach the peak of our proverbial mountain. The destination is not the goal, but rather the journey. We will always be a work in progress. That’s the nature of human existence. We will continually make mistakes, and still have more to learn. When we step into our higher self, we realize we wouldn’t want it any other way. Life becomes boring once perfection is obtained.

3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Virgo

Journal + let go

If you find yourself fighting the idea of daily consistency, dive beneath the surface and explore it. Where do you need safety and predictability? Where is flow and freedom important?

Create new routines

We've all probably fallen away from our new year's resolutions we set 9 months ago. Now, it's time to re-evaluate our daily routines and how they're serving us. Maybe it's setting a boundary to meditate before getting on social media in the morning. Maybe it's going for a walk at lunch each day. What routine will give you the loving structure you crave?

Slow down

Everything in the stars calls you to be still. Journal, meditate, rest, sit in nature or lay outside to find a connection to self.

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