Self Love

I spent a lifetime at war with myself.

Not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, eloquent enough, rich enough, and the list went on. I had so many limited beliefs but....

The good news is I eradicated ALL of it, which means I know you can too.

Are you ready for acceptance and self-love? To create a beautiful relationship with yourself? I know it's possible for you.

Here are some steps to help move you towards a loving relationship with self.

1. Start your days with you No matter what you do the rest of the day, how you start your day makes a massive impact on how you feel about yourself. Upon waking and before you jump out of bed ready to tackle 300 things on your "to do list". Take a moment to find Gratitude.

2. Gratitude Gratitude is your best friend. It's pure love for yourself, everything you have, are surrounded by and get to take in each day. It's about giving yourself a break and remembering how amazing you are and how far you've come. Upon waking say five things your are grateful for, don't just say them experience them with all five senses.

3. Don’t give in Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought and then saying "Fuck it," without immediately reframing the thought, you're solidifying a pattern of self-loathing. And that keeps you broke and unhappy. Refuse to do it. It is your job to notice stray thoughts that don't feel good and change them on the spot. It's as simple as noticing and then thinking, "Oh, that's interesting. I don't think that way anymore. I know I'm amazing," and carrying on.I love to play my favorite song and blare it. it changes the chemistry in my brain and begin to forget about what I was even negative about in the first place.

​​​​​​​4. Slow the fuck down If we don’t SLOW DOWN, we miss all the pleasure. Are you getting any pleasure from your relationships, clients, business, food? Or are you flying through each day, scarfing down meals, hopping from client to client, putting out fires - and not appreciating any of it?

Slow down and allow life to be a pleasurable experience.

5. Listen to and respect your body Look in the mirror. That gorgeous being staring back at you must be honored and respected. She deserves it. Nourish and love her and to LISTEN to her. Recognize how your body feels. Are you tired? Hungry? Anxious? Sad? Elated? Your ONLY job in life is to feel feelings and take care of you. From that place, you are unstoppable. Without taking care of you first, we end up shells of human beings, barely able to function, let alone serve others.

​​​​​​​6. Ditch the guilt Whatever happens -- and life happens every day -- choose to have an entirely guilt-free life.

Even if the above five steps go out the window, choose to LOVE yourself anyway. Choose to love every single choice. Stop beating yourself up at all.

The most important thing to remember here is we are not perfect and if you choose to stay on the negative "it's all my fault, or why does this shit happen to me" you will get just want you keep complaining about. Go back to love and gratitude over and over again. Keep a journal handy and write out your feelings soon things will begin to look a little brighter.

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