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200- Yoga Teacher Training In Person

The journey from yoga student to yoga teacher is a profound experience. Serenity Yoga 200-Hour  Vinyasa Karma Teacher Training will provide you with the knowledge and tools to inspire your future students with the same passion for yoga that brought you to this point on your yoga path. The strength of this program comes from the intense focus given to the form, action and alignment as well as practice teaching. If you have landed on this web page, then you have taken the first step to sharing the gift of yoga. This is not your ordinary yoga teacher certification program. This is an opportunity to make real transformative change happen for yourself and humanity. People need yoga now more then ever and this training will give you the tools to effectively and safely provide them with meditation, yin, beginners, and so much more. If you are ready to dive deeper into the world that is Yoga, then this is the perfect place for you to begin your journey. This certification program is not just for those interested in becoming a yoga teacher, but also for those individuals who have the desire to learn the philosophy of Yoga and enhance their personal growth. At the end of the training you will feel strong, open, peaceful, calm and AMAZING! So won’t you join Us?


• How to teach the Vinyasa Yoga System - break down video to make it super easy to follow along

• Yoga history and Philosophy

• Major Bones, Muscles & Anatomy

• Universal Principals of Alignment

• Areas of the subtle body, including, Ida, Pingala, Shushumna, Vayus and the Seven Chakras.

• Assisting the student - Bonus  (video provided) worth $277

• Finding your authentic voice - journaling prompts and homework

• The business and ethics of being a yoga teacher online and in the studio exspecially now with cover-19 rules

• Practicing and teaching Meditation & Scripts 

• Use of props (blocks and straps)

Bonus: Yin Yoga Training worth $377

200- Yoga Teacher Training Dates 

Serenity is providing students with two opportunities to take our 2021-2022 teacher training. 

Weekdays: Students will meet one weekend in September kicking off our training together and every Wednesday after from 9-1:30pm  

September - 11th & 12th 10:30 - 3pm

September - 15,22,29

October- 6,13,20,27

November - 3,10,17

December- 1,8,15th off for break return 

January 5,12,19,26

February - 2,9,16,23

March - 2,9,16,23

April ending with weekend group 2nd & 3rd Same times as the weekend group. 

Weekends: One weekend a month for 8 months. 10:30- 3pm 

October 2 & 3rd 

November-6th & 7th

December, 4th & 5th

January 8th & 9th

February 5th & 6th

March, 5th & 6th 

April 3rd & 4th (Final weekend together)

Cost - $ 2,000 paid in full by June 1st

             $2,200 paid in full by July 1st 

             $2,500 paid in full by August 1st 

             $2,800 final cost after August 1st. Payment plans for this option are available.



Download the application and email to



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