While all of our other classes have a "No talking in the Yoga Room" this class is different. Women come together and talk a bit, laugh a bit and share, this is their community. The ages run from 40 - 80 years old. This class offers proper and safe alignment and with sensitivity to mobility. Perfect for active seniors. This class will allow you to build strength, mindfulness and flexibility over time.  All levels welcome


Learning the fundamentals of this ancient science. This is for anyone who wants to break down the poses and have a better understanding of alignment. We are currently offering an online version of our Beginners Workshop. To view please go to Online classes.


 A Hot Vinyasa Flow Style that focus on the foundations of yoga philosophy including the Yamas and Niyamas, an exploration of the chakras and a better understanding of the Yoga Sutras. Expect to sweat


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The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender. To balance the heat-building, blood pumping, strengthening "yang" side of a Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga practice, Yin focuses on posturethat lengthen the muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Students typically hold these postures for 3-5 minutes per side in order to lengthen the connective tissue that surrounds the joints and increase its elasticity. The elasticity of our connective tissue diminishes with physical activity and aging, which makes Yin essential for injury prevention and joint health. 


Yoga Class

All of our classes with the exception of our Yin and Gentle are Vinyasa Flow. Breathe in light and radiate bliss as you move through energetic and joy-boosting yoga flows designed to tap into your power and keep you flowing from pose to pose with grace."Vinyasa Flow" means to link breath and movement. Our Hot Vinyasa Flow is practiced in a heated room to aid in warming the body for the practice. The heat allows your muscles to ease through their full range of motion within your own individual, physical limits. Focus is on balance, power, fluidity, flexibility and alignment while continuing to emphasize the fundamentals of yoga. Whether you are looking to improve your metabolism and circulation, or strengthen your cardiovascular system, this is the class for you! Hot Yoga is known for its detoxification benefits through sweat along with rejuvenation of the skin. Melt away years of stress and cleanse your body of toxins as you stretch and strengthen.

After Yoga


Barre Body is a highly effective full body workout set to motivating music that will burn fat, sculpt muscles, and lift your rear… all while having fun! A unique blend of elements from ballet, Pilates, and free weights, Studio Barre incorporates isometric movements, interval training, and stretching to chisel the waistline while producing the famous long lean muscles of a dancer. Using a combination of light weights, exercise tubing, and your own body weight for resistance, Studio Barre systemically works your whole body to tone arms, flatten abs, thin thighs, sculpt calves, and lift the seat. With stretching immediately following each exercise, you'll shape your muscles while improving posture and balance.

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Yoga Mat and Straps
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